How Can Natural Therapies Help Me?

Of course it will depend upon your unique circumstances. There are times when dietary changes, behavioral changes, herbals, essential oils, homeopathics, and digestive enzymes may be employed to address symptoms and medical conditions. At times, they may be sole therapy. At other times it may be best to take a blended approach that is some conventional treatments and some natural therapies in tandem.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

Visit the Schedule an Appointment page. Choose an appointment type. If this is your first appointment with me choose Initial Evaluation. This applies to everyone except Osteopathic Manipulative patients. Once you have had your initial visit, then you will choose Follow Up Visit for subsequent visits.

What do I need to bring into my Initial Evaluation?

If you are coming in for your Initial Evaluation, you will need to download, fill out, and bring in the Initial Visit Questionnaire, Patient Information Form, and Consent Form. You will also need to bring in all all OTC vitamins, supplements, homeopathics, herbs, prescription medications, etc., that you currently use.If you have copies of recent lab and test results, please bring these with you as well.

What do I need to bring into my Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy appointment?

If you are coming in for your Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy appointment, you will need to download, fill out, and bring in the Patient Information Form and Consent Form.

Where are You Located?

My office is located at Gruber Commons, 475 Route 40, Elmer NJ. I share a waiting room with Elmer Family Practice. I do not see walk-in patients, appointments must be made 24 hours ahead of time.

Why Do I Have to Pay Prior to Seeing You?

I made the choice to do this for several reasons. I do not have any employees, so this needs to run as efficiently as possible for me to focus all my time on you, the patient. It also eliminates the personal risks associated with handling money, such as transporting it to the bank. This method also eliminates having to use Collection agencies to pursue nonpayers. I don’t have time for that. My time is centered on helping my patients.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately insurance companies generally fail to appreciate natural alternatives. They are seldom included in insurance coverage. For this reason, NO insurances are accepted. Charges are strictly fee for service and are collected at the time the appointment is made.

What About Insurance Reimbursement?

I do encourage you to investigate what your policy will cover. I will not be calling anyone’s insurance company; that is for the patient to do. I will, however, provide ICD 10 codes to you for this purpose, if they exist. Remember that this system is made for conventional medicine, not natural medicine and therefore no code may exist.

Do you work with Medicare?

No, I do not take any kind of insurance. I have chosen not to work with Medicare nor be listed as a PECOS Physician through Medicare. I still enjoy seeing and helping people over 62 years of age. The labs I recommend will need to be obtained through Primary Care to ensure coverage where possible through Medicare. ICD10 codes are provided in this case to make it as easy on the PCP as possible.

Is Osteopathic Manipulation Covered by Insurance?

Absolutely. This should be covered by all insurances and you should plan on pursuing reimbursement for this service. ICD 10 codes will be provided to you.

Will You Function As My Family Physician?

I am fully trained and capable of doing so, but have chosen to step away from that at this point in my career. All the knowledge of that position is still there, of course, and serves as a backdrop for any consultation.

Patients will need to have a Primary Care Physician (Family Practice or Internal Medicine) on record. This enables you to fully use the insurance benefits you have paid for. There will be times when I will write scripts for lab work and tests. These can be covered through your insurance, especially if reviewed with your Primary Care Physician.

Will You Work With My Doctor?

If they are willing, I will be happy to be in contact with them regarding your case. Since I have a 17-year history of service to the community in Family Practice, most healthcare professionals in the area know me. Those who are open to the addition of natural therapies are already asking for business cards.

Do you prescribe medical marijuana?

No, I do not. It is a very complicated issue in NJ and I have chosen to steer clear of it. There are doctors that provide this service, but be aware that there is a limited list of diagnoses that are accepted AND you must have a referral from your Primary care in most instances to even be scheduled.

What is a Certified Endocannabinoid Professional?

This means I have been trained to understand the indications for and uses of CBD based products. Patients were asking how to use CBD and where to obtain reliable CBD and I honestly did not know what to tell them. After all, this was not part of the curriculum in medical school when I attended, although I hope that has changed. In answer to their need, I sought out both training and a reliable source for organic high-quality flower based CBD. I am now able to help guide you in seeking out high quality effective CBD products and assist you in how to use them correctly when indicated. Please check the Green Compass section under Resources to be directed to further information.

Will You Communicate Through Email?

No. Your personal medical information is too important to risk through email.       I will only advise at face-to-face appointments. I cannot advise fully without examination and complete interview. That requires being in the same room together. Email or Skype for that matter cannot provide that. (I guess that makes me old-fashioned!) There are just some things that should NOT be mechanized and your exam is one of them.

How About Phone Calls?

They serve their purpose as touchstones for questions between appointments or about newly introduced therapies. They should be brief and are NOT a substitute for an appointment.

What is your Mailing Address?

It is common in rural areas that the physical address and the mailing address are not the same. If you need to send anything through the mail to me, the proper mailing address is:
Choose the Natural Path LLC
PO Box 1062
Monroeville, NJ 08343