Susan Ventrella, DO, ND


A Bit About Me…

My name is Susan Ventrella and my journey has been down a long and winding path. I started as a high school Biology teacher, then became a college professor, teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology. I was urged by a mentor to pursue a career in Medicine because he saw the potential within me. To humor him I took the MCAT’s, and did well, never believing that my applications would lead to interviews and acceptances, but they did.

I attended and graduated from UMDNJ-SOM with a Doctor of Osteopathy Degree in 1989. Rotating internship at Kennedy Memorial for one year was followed by 3 years in Family Practice residency in West Jersey Voorhees. My husband Gerard and I were blessed with a son just 2 weeks after graduation. This prevented my sitting for the boards, so I stayed home to study and enjoy Motherhood fully for a year. After completion of the boards, Elmer Family Practice welcomed me.

I practiced there as a Board Certified Family Practitioner, beside my husband Gerard Ventrella MD for 17 Years. I was a rare creature in this area at the time – a female doctor. Patients felt they could discuss anything with me and felt comfortable asking about non conventional therapies. I found myself doing research for patients on various therapies. I naturally began to incorporate  herbs and supplements into my recommendations. Overtime, this list expanded, but never to my satisfaction. My knowledge in this area was piecemeal at best. In my heart I knew I had to do something about it.

Truth be told, I have had a heart for natural medicine since my 20’s. I deliberately sought out a Nutrition course during my Bachelor’s Degree. After all, no one comes with an owner’s manual. I guess I expected to receive further training in nutrition in Medical School. Nope. Not one course. Disappointing. But that didn’t stop me from self-study. Afterall, what is more basic than what goes in your mouth??

So after 17 years of practice I enrolled in a course of study through Trinity School of Natural Health to increase my knowledge base of natural alternatives. I started part-time but soon realized that if I wanted to finish before reaching 80 I had better dive in full-time. So I did.

The result is the completion of a series of certificates and diplomas:

ND = Doctor of Naturopathy
CNHP = Certified Natural Health Practitioner
MH = Master Herbalist
CNC  = Certified Nutritional Counselor

CEP = Certified Endocannabinoid Professional

In addition to the above I studied Homeopathy through the CEDH (an international organization based in Europe) and Loomis Digestive Enzyme therapy. All of this will allow me to bring Nutritional Guidance, Homeopathy including Bach Flowers, Herbals, Loomis Digestive Enzyme Therapy, Essential Oils, and, of course, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy to the residents of South Jersey.

If you are interested in making an appointment with me, please schedule an appointment here. If you are looking for more information about living a healthy lifestyle, please visit my favorite books page and the EWG’s Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen page.

Be advised that you will need to retain your current Primary Care Doctor, as I will be functioning in a consultant capacity.  I look forward to working with you!

Susan Ventrella, DO, ND